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SLOTS! COME AND GET 'EM! i am primarily collecting bloodystream this month, so let's do some slot for slot trades!

01. bloodystream01
02. tsugaikogarashi06
03. hitoniyasashiku11
04. mememe07

also, let's trade and fill them special sketchpads. my trade post is here! i'll even accept random trades.

i'll try to get back to everyone asap, but this week is killing me at school (neuroanatomy exam, a research proposal, and a 10 page paper due on the same day? how about no). so i thank you all for your patience in advance! which is also why i haven't gotten around to handing out prizes for my games yet, shhh. I ALSO ALMOST POSTED THIS IN THE MAIN COMMUNITY DESTROY ME
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slot for slot, tsugaikogarashi06?

And anything for 9908, believexbelive03, braving09, braving14, chairstealing09, closetoyou03, closetoyou08, eraseorzero01, kokoronochizu09, losttimememory09, outerscience03, rockbell01, tengaku13, underdog06, underdog12, underdog13, wilddrive03, wonderwings13?
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Thank you and which card did you want?

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Thank you!