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YOOOO Tones, what up!

Ok, so, I really want to master the Halloween deck, and I'm sure a lot of you do, too! So please come and trade with me~ I just uploaded like 300 cards and to be honest at this point I'm willing to just trade for the sake of trades, so come and check out my post! SURE EVEN IF I LITERALLY JUST TRADED WITH YOU, WHO CARES, COME GET MORE, BUY, BUY, BUY!

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

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Let's see, do I have anything for 9907, afurerukanjou06, afurerukanjou09, afurerukanjou10, afurerukanjou16, asuwakurukara01, asuwakurukara08, asuwakurukara09, asuwakurukara15, believexbelieve01, braving06, braving10, cheatcode04, childishwar10, childishwar14, childishwar16, endlessdream01, endlessdream04, endlessdream09, endlessdream13, endlessdream16, eraseorzero02, fighttogether08, fighttogether11, handsup07, imaginationforest15, impostors09, kokoronochizu02, kokoronochizu13, luvatory02, luvatory06, luvatory16, musundehiraite09, nihonbashi08, nihonbashi10, otsukimirecital05, otsukimirecital10, outerscience01, overlap09, ozone13, plusboy07, plusboy15, precioustime02, precioustime04, precioustime09, punishmentgame04, punishmentgame06, reincarnation01, reincarnation11, reincarnation12, reincarnation16, rockbell05, rockbell06, rockbell07, sixtrillion02, sixtrillion03, streamingheart08, streamingheart16, taiyou06, taiyou16, tengaku02, trashyinnocence07, trashyinnocence13, trueloverestraint06, trueloverestraint11, twobreaths03, twobreaths06, wonderwings05, wonderwings06?

If it's too much feel free to trim it!
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[personal profile] scblakdrgon 2015-10-20 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Did you want kazegafuku15? I can't seem to find 12. And Thank you for the trade!